Sunday Happy Hour Directory

Sunday Happy Hour

Use this information to find the perfect restaurant or bar offering special Sunday Happy Hour deals.  Of course, Happy HourZ a-z has compiled this list of Sunday happy hour locations in Scottsdale and Phoenix for you to browse.  Our goal?  To help you Find Your Happy Place.


How many times have you wanted to find places offering special prices for food and beverage on a Sunday?  I know I have, more times than I can count.  The challenge is easily finding restaurants or bars offering special food & beverage deals on Sunday.  If someone would only create a list, right?

Well, you’re in luck!  Now you have a quick reference for Sunday happy hour spots at your fingertips.  Naturally, HappyHourZa-z did the leg work for you, identifying establishments offering food and beverage specials on Sunday.  Thus, we summarize them in the list display below.  As a result, you can now Find Your Happy Place with ease.

You may not know this but happy hour offerings in Scottsdale and Phoenix are very popular.  This is caused by co-workers stopping off at a gathering place to wind down after a busy day.  For that reason, Monday through Friday (midweek) are the most popular.

What about the weekend?  Fortunately, you can relax and enjoy the weekend with friends and family at many of these restaurants or bars on Saturday or Sunday.   Do they offer the same food & beverage deals?  You bet!  So check out the HappyHourZa-z suggestions.

Here are a few suggestions for a Sunday spot offering specials

Several of the establishments in our 18 Best Happy Hours list offer a Sunday happy hour.  For example, Roaring ForkEddie Merlots, and Dominicks are worth a special trip.

Beware, these are popular Sunday relaxation spots and can be crowded.  For that reason, you might even plan to get there early.  In any event, the HappyHourZa-z list is a good place to start planning your afternoon gathering.  Relax, enjoy life, try something new, and by all means, Find Your Happy Place!

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