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Wine lovers need to check out Postino Happy Hour-Central.  Why?  Because they offer $5 glasses of wine and $5 pitchers of beer til 5:00 pm EVERYDAY!   In fact, you have over 20 different wines from which to choose.  Now that should make everyone happy!

In addition, $20.00 bottles of wine are also an option.  So bring your friends.  No doubt, this is simple Happy Hour concept to remember.   $5 til 5 pm.  That’s it.  Check out their nice selection of wines.  The list is changed up quarterly.


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Food Priced From

$7 - $16

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TIME – Happy Hour

Open to 5:00 pm – DAILY.

FOOD – Happy Hour

The food offered at Postino Happy Hour-Central is from the regular menu and not a special happy hour menu.  Their snacks (eight items), boards (four items) and bruschetta (twelve item) are all very popular, tasty, and offer nice value. 

For example, the snack menu includes   roasted beets & herbed ricotta,   meatballs & goat cheese,   blistered shishito peppers,   crispy cauliflower,   olives,   mozzarella & tomatoes,   NYC grilled cheese, and seasonal chef’s crudo.

Furthermore, the boards are a treat.  They include   The Bounty,    Cheese Board,   Butcher’s Block, and   Pub Board.  On Monday and Tuesday nights after 8:00 pm, try out the $20 Bottle and Board special.

Finally, Postino’s bruschetta is the best!  The bread is awesome.  Pick your favorite 4 selections from   brie & apples with fig spread,   fresh mozzarella with tomato & basil,   prosciutto with figs & mascarpone,   warm artichoke spread,   smoked salmon with pesto,   sweet & spicy pepper jam with goat cheese,   burrata, bacon, arugula & tomato,   ricotta with dates & pistachios,   almond hummus with chopped tomato,   roasted peppers with goat cheese, and   salami with pesto.

Of course, the soups, salads, paninis, and desserts are available.

DRINKS – Happy Hour

Postino is a wine bar so the happy hour offer is very simple.

$5.00 – Wine by the glass.
$5.00 – Pitchers of beer (about two pints).
$20.00 – Bottles of wine.

The offer applies to all their wine.  Last count, around 27 for their Arizona program.  The wines are updated quarterly.


MONDAY – $20 Bottle of Wine & Bruschetta Board. (after 8:00 pm)
TUESDAY – $20 Bottle of Wine & Bruschetta Board. (after 8:00 pm)


Not at this time.


This wine bar concept started in April of 2001.  Did you know that postino is the Italian word for postman?  Because the first location was built inside a 1940s brick post office in Arcadia, the name seemed to fit.  Now, it is one of six in the valley.

So pick a location near you.  Of course you need to bring your friends and celebrate the day at your favorite Postino Wine Café (it rhymes).

Be sure to Tell’m Happy HourZ a-z sent ya!

…….  Be HAPPY.  Find Your Happy Place!

Other valley locations are Postino Happy Hour-Highland, Postino Happy Hour-Kierland, Postino Happy Hour-Arcadia, and Postino Happy Hour-Annex.


On the southwest corner at the intersection of E Colter Street and N Central Avenue in Phoenix.

5144 N Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Phone: 602-274-5144

PARKING:  FREE outdoor parking at the restaurant and on side street.

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