Frozen Margarita Happy Hour

Are you interested in finding a local happy hour serving frozen margaritas?  Well, you’re in luck!  Now you can use this quick reference directory to find frozen margarita happy hour spots.  Happy HourZ a-z did the leg work for you.  The results, a list of venues offering a frozen margarita happy hour in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

Some locations dispense by machine, other use a blender.   Details are found in each post. Use this directory to Find Your Happy Place with ease.


Here is a question for you.  What makes the frozen margarita happy hour so popular?  Because a margarita is a refreshing cocktail when it gets hot, that’s why!   Also, it is a tasty, icy, thirst quenching drink that will cool you down in the Arizona 100+ degree summer heat.

However, there is a possible downside to enjoying this beverage.  That is, after drinking several of these tasty frozen drinks, you might possibly want to don a sombrero and start singing with a mariachi band.  Think about it.  It could happen.  Joking aside, for whatever the reason, these frozen tequila drinks are my favorite.

Tidbits about the Margarita

First, this simple cocktail is made with tequila, orange liqueur (like Curacao, Triple Sec, Cointreau or Grand Marnier), lime juice and shaved ice or ice cubes.  I’ll bet you already knew that.

But, did you know that the Spanish word margarita translates to the English word daisy?  A cocktail historian by the name of David Wondrich believes the margarita is just a remake of the Brandy Daisy using tequila versus brandy.

If you like flavors, several margarita fruit varieties are popular, like mango, peach, strawberry and melon.

Bet you did not know that the first frozen margarita machine was invented on May 11, 1971, by Mariano Martinez in Dallas Texas.  Mariano used a  “soft serve” ice cream machine for his frozen margarita idea.  Don’t you know the idea caught on.  Mariano’s original machine now sits in the Smithsonian National Museum of History.  Go figure.

Happy Hour Suggestions

A few of locations I particularly like for their frozen margarita happy hour deals are Roaring ForkHopdoddy, and Goldies.  So with all that said, relax, enjoy life, try something new, and by all means, Find Your Happy Place (that serves frozen margarita)!

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