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About Happy HourZ a-z

Hi, Jay and Cheryl here to tell you a bit about Happy HourZ a-z, The Happy Hour Locator website for Scottsdale and Phoenix.

We moved to Scottsdale several years ago.  Initially, when we first arrived, a neighbor clued us in on the wide variety of restaurant and bar Happy Hour deals being offered throughout the valley.  What we were surprised to learn, there are literally hundreds of venues with outstanding happy hour food and beverage discount specials, generally during early to late afternoon.

As you might have guessed, one of the many pastimes we love in Scottsdale and Phoenix is finding a Happy Hour to enjoy a tasty appetizer (like calamari, meatballs, pastas, bruschetta, etc) accompanied by a glass of wine or frozen margarita (Jay’s favorite).  Best of all, add special pricing to the offer and you’re are all set for a fun time that is light on the pocketbook.

A  bit more about Happy HourZ a-z is that it is a “work-in-progress”.  Jay wanted an easy way to remember the details about each Happy Hour, so HappyHourZa-z was created.  Because of this, it is now easier than ever for him recall the details AND it is now easier for you to “Find Your Happy Place”. 

Details about Happy HourZ a-z site:

  • About 75% of the Happy Hour locations currently listed are in Scottsdale with 25% in Phoenix.  However, we are continually adding locations, so check back often or sign up for updates below and become a Happy Hour Hobbyist.
  • Use NEARBY on the menu navigation to find a Happy Hour in a number of ways like Midweek Happy Hour, Saturday Happy Hour, Sunday Happy Hour, $5 Wine Happy Hour or Frozen Margarita Happy Hour.
  • Use MAPS to find a Happy Hour in various locations throughout the valley with CLICKABLE links to the venues.
  • When you view a Happy Hour post, you are presented with a brief overview, basic Happy Hour prices, food and beverage descriptions, links to food and beverage menus, photos, an address and telephone, a map, and suggestions for other Happy Hour Nearby locations.  Cool, right?
  • Check out our 18 BEST HAPPY HOUR favorites to get you jump started if you are new to the area.
  • If you are an ART lover, you have to look at the Happy Hour Art page.  It shows art found at the various Happy Hour venues.  It is a fun page to look through.
  • Last, but not least, The WINE LADIES have wisdom to share, if you dare.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, a reminder about Happy HourZ a-z being a “work-in-progress”.  It is constantly evolving.  You also should know that the “A-Z” in the name means from A to Z versus the Arizona abbreviation.  As the site evolves, we would like to expand the site to list all kind of activities to make life a happy place.  For instance, great hikes, wonderful lunch spots, activities, etc.  As for now, it is about the very popular Happy Hour (not a bad place to start).

So, close your eyes, relax and think to yourself, “It’s early afternoon. It has been a tough day and I deserve a Happy Hour!  Where should I go?”  You would be right about the happy hour and we can help you decided where you want to try.  Have fun browsing the site.  Drop us a line and let us know what you think.

…….  Be HAPPY.  Find Your Happy Place.

"Click the Frozen Margarita Happy Hours icon!➚➚ Great recommendations for awesome Frozen Margaritas!!"
Mary Margarita
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